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SICK AND TIRED of this!!

Someone has been dumping building materials along the roads in the township. It has happened on Panther Hill, Sunny Slope, Nafe Sawmill Rd., and just today on Ziegler Rd. Todays dumping consisted of some slob just stopping on the road and dumping plywood, shingles with nails and other building materials right in the middle of the road. We need to find out who is doing this. This is a huge waste of our time and your taxpayer dollars as now we have to get rid of these items legally, which means we pay! We need your help. Please share this. Hopefully we can put and end to this. Thank you.
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Codorus Township is a quiet township located in the southern part of York County, Pennsylvania adjacent to the Mason-Dixon Line, bordering the state of Maryland. The Township lies almost directly south of York City, bordered on the east and west by two branches of the Codorus Creek. It is the 7th largest township in York County, encompassing an area of 33.5 square miles. It is primarily an agricultural community as well as one which accommodates a rural-residential non-farming population.

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